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CS 1.6 Boost service gives an opportunity for Counter-Strike 1.6 server administrators or fans to promote their loved servers with players traffic. Nowadays can't be compared to 2010's, just like in real life so and here in CS 1.6 community. You will be surprised looking on your cs server 0/32 for example, waiting day by day until your server start populating but that will never happen. Cs 1.6 players base is low in official masterservers, so we decided to create our own CS 1.6 masterserver with only quality servers to find in Internet tab list. Boost buying for your Counter-Strike 1.6 server can give you a real speed up for your players base collecting since first day. Looking from our perspective, we could easily say that there's no magical cs 1.6 masterserver boost that will make your server full 24/7 (32/23 is considered full server, 30/32 if there's 2 reserved slots amx_slot). You shouldn't be looking for Turbo-Boosts if your server is freshly started because services like that (usually for one day, few hours) will give you no real benefits. Fast results = fast falling down. We suggest you using our Boost CS platform so you could get good price and quality ratio. To get best results on boosting CS 1.6 server feel free to use multiple boost sites at the same time. 


Boost rules:

  1. No slowhacks
  2. No binds
  3. No GameMenu change
  4. xRedirect plugin disallowed
  5.  24/7 hosted server
  6. Fully working FastDL (fast download files while connecting to server)



What Is Counter-Strike 1.6 Boost promotion services?

Counter-Strike 1.6 Boost is a service that is giving you a players traffic for an agreed time period. While others are struggling to fill their CS 1.6 servers with players you can always be one step ahead and use your money wisely. By saying wisely, we suggest you using CS 1.6 Boost server features because it's the easiest and most recommended way to start gaining your players base in server. The main reason is not to fully fill your server in few minutes. Otherwise, it gives you an advantage to gain players naturally and collect traffic of players into your servers for future. There is no such things as 32/32 immediate boosts because clearly it's fake bots or redirects which still gives you no use in a long run. We suggest you using more recommended and fully tested ways to promote your counter strike servers is using Counter-Strike 1.6 promotion services - Buy boost for your CS 1.6 server!



CS 1.6 Boost services: Boost your CS 1.6 server

Boost service is not meant to make your server full immediatelly. The main reason to use CS 1.6 Boost service is to constantly get new players into your hosted CS 1.6 servers. Always keep your strategy simple - give your server a good looking hostname, don't add plugins to the server which causes disbalance in game or something that freshly came player won't understand, leave the server and never come back again. Keep in mind to not use any of High Ping Kicker plugins as many of the players base from our CS 1.6 client based in different world continents and regions. If a player is having high ping shown in scoreboard that doesn't mean he's lagger - maybe lag spikes or connection problems. Surely, the best way to attract new players is to have some players already online in your Counter-Strike server and playing, but by using boost service you could easily get fresh players which can turn into your loyal players for a long time. Make right decisions and it will totally improve your players base in server. Thanks for choosing our boosting platform!